Industrial & Commercial

Industrial and commercial property for sale in Cortland, Ohio

Cortland Estates has two different areas of land zoned off for industrial and commercial purposes (one of each). This means businesses looking for a home in northeast Ohio have a unique opportunity to take part in the growth of a previously undeveloped area in Cortland.

  • Commercial: The commercial property covers about five acres right alongside existing entrance roads. It provides easy access to State Route 5, State Route 11, I-80 and I-76, and is just 15 minutes from the Ohio Turnpike. This easy accessibility means it is also easy for out-of-town customers to reach your new business, or for freight to come in and make deliveries.
  • Industrial: The industrial-zoned property covers approximately 21.5 acres, and also features easy accessibility. This land can be used for manufacturing, warehousing, agriculture or any other type of industrial work or activity. It is also a reasonable distance from Lordstown, Ohio, which is the location of the largest auto manufacturing plant in the world (owned by General Motors). This means the region is ripe for additional industrial opportunities.
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Industrial Property

21.5 acres zoned Industrial.

Commercial Property

Easy access to State Route 5, State Route 11, I-80 and I76 and 15 minutes from the Ohio Turnpike with existing entrance roads.